Brad "Bradini" Evans

Educational School Program

Teacher’s Guide

Program Overview:

Bradini presents a variety of interactive routines that revolve around stories of bullying.

Each one demonstrates a principle of definition or conduct.


Program Objective: Students will identify bullying and recall ways to prevent it.



A student helps to determine what bullies look like by selecting facial components. In a

surprise ending, the face turns out to be pleasant, not mean. Students discover that

looks do not determine who is or is not a bully.

Learning Outcome: Students will understand that bullies are defined by their actions, not

their appearances. Anyone might be a bully, and some people may be both bullies and victims.


Which Color For You?

A student chooses one of five colored boxes and Jim magically transports a message

about bullying characteristics into that box. Each of the other boxes contain a paper

identifying one of the characteristics of a bully.

Learning Outcome: Students will learn the five common characteristics of bullying.


Several Pairs of Hands

Several students put on mis-matched gloves and arrange themselves in a line. Students

will need to cooperate with each other to form the line. Jim will correctly predict which

students form the ends of the line.

Learning Outcome: Students will learn that working together builds friendships and

prevents bullying


Be a Hero

A student helps five large letters , “H,” “E,” “R’” and “O”transform into a picture as

the student becomes the Hero and all hear a message about helping others.

Learning Outcome: Students will udiscover four ways to help keep their friends from

becoming victims of bullying.


The Giant and the Dwarf

A fairy-tale setting is used to tell a story of a giant bully and a dwarf whose behavior

causes them to exchange sizes. By bullying, the giant becomes a smaller being and by

accepting others the dwarf grows in size.

Learning Outcome: Students will understand that being a bullie makes you a “small” person

and helping others makes you a “bigger” person.


Be S.A.F.E.

Several signs make some surprising changes to show symbols and letters that can help

prevent bullying. Symbols of problems become symbols of positive steps to take and

the word “SOME” (with a backwards “E”) becomes “SAFE,” an acronym for helping

victims to cope with bullying.

Learning Outcome: Students will learn a practical acronym that can help them remember four

steps to keep from being bulllies. S - Stand tall & speak bravely. A -Ask for help from friends

and teachers, F - Figure out your choices. E - End it calmly by not losing your temper.


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